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August 2008 Newsletter

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Greetings! The Trustees meet each quarter to plan for improvements and discuss other needs. If you have any questions or issues for the Trustees please contact one of them from the list to the left.

We wanted to provide you the details of our most recent subdivision improvement projects.

  • Sewer Smells! We identified a faulty escape valve at one manhole location. It has been repaired. There will be times that the escape valves periodically emit odors, but it should not be constant. Please notify the Sewer Committee Chairman, Carl Mungenast at 938. if you have constant odor issue. We replaced the dead trees around the sewer plant. We made substantial cosmetic and operational improvements to the Sewer Plant and Lift Station.
  • Landscaping: The landscaped culdesacs at Radcliffe Place Court and Dartmouth Place Court have been reduced in size and re-paved with asphalt and re-planted. It should be easier for buses and delivery trucks to make the turn without causing damage to our plants now.
  • Streets: We re-paved Princeton Ridge Drive and Princeton Ridge Court in the Fall of 2007. It looks magnificent. The next re-paving will take place in the Fall of 2009. If you notice any de- fective areas that require patching, please notify Jim Smith at 938.6815.
  • Pool/Cabana Improvements: We have plans to repaint the bathroom floors, replace the lock guard on the entrance gate and replace the carpeting on the cabana. The cabana will be pressure washed prior to the pool opening this year. All of the rusted steel chairs have been replaced with resin chairs.

Upcoming Social Events

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

To Be Determined at Later Date and Posted on Entrance Sign.

End of Summer Pool Party

Details coming soon…


Details coming soon…

Holiday Ornament and Cookie Exchange

Details coming soon…

Winter Party

Details coming soon…

Monthly Ladies Night Out (bunco)

Contact Maureen Bachman at 938.9480 or wbach- mann@charter.net to be added to the monthly email an- nouncement.

Ladies Monthly Luncheon

Contact Elaine Lerch at 938.3339 or elainelerch@yahoo.com to attend.

Book Club

Please contact Diane Carberry at 938.4253 if you are interested in joining the book club to read and review the best sellers.

Thank You!

THANK YOU to Julie McIntosh for organizing and hosting the Annual ТAfterУ Holiday Party! A wonderful time was had by all who attended.

Many thanks to Jim Smith for decorating our front entrance with the Holiday wreaths. Also for replacing the burned out lights at the pool and entrance and the streetlights!

A huge thank you to Joel Russell for maintaining the front entrance is- land landscaping ALL YEAR long.

A sincere THANK YOU to Carl Mungenast for researching our stinky sewer system.

THANK YOU to Maureen Bachman for continuing the Bunco chain each month.

New Residents

We are including an updated list of all residents with this newsletter. If there are corrections to this list, please contact Janet Zerler at 549.3322 or jzerler@charter.net